Carpet Cleaning | 3 Easy Steps to Remove Cigarette Burns on Carpets

17 September 2015
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Carpet cleaning involves everything from fixing blemishes and marks to removing stains for restoring the original look of your carpet. If the carpets in your home are tarnished with unsightly cigarette burn marks, you'll be happy to know that remedying them is a simple DIY task. If you don't think you can do the job on your own, you can hire professional carpet cleaners to fix the problem for you. Besides fixing small blemishes and getting rid of burn marks, the professionals will make your carpet look good as new once again. If you decide to take up the task, follow these easy steps to remove cigarette burns on carpets.

Remove the Burnt Fibres from the Carpet

The first step for removing cigarette burn marks is to eliminate burnt fibres from the carpet. You will need a small scissor to isolate the damaged fibres from the carpet. Cut these burnt fibres out gently, taking care not to cut out undamaged carpet fibres. Once you have removed these fibres, mark the area with a tape, so you don't lose sight of the damaged spot.

Clean the Burnt Carpet Spot

After cutting out the cigarette burnt carpet fibres, you will need to clean the spot thoroughly. You can either undertake carpet cleaning for this specific burn spot, or you can use this opportunity to clean your entire carpet. Vacuum the damaged spot to remove all ash and burnt fibre residue. Pour warm soap water into a spray bucket and spray over the damaged spot. You can repeat this process over your entire carpet to remove any other stains set in. Use a lint-free cloth to wipe over the sprayed areas, taking care to gently rub the soap water solution into the fibres for cleaning them. If any bits of ash are stubborn, you may need to use an old toothbrush for scrubbing. Blot the scrubbed areas with paper towels to speed up the drying process. You'll want adequate ventilation in the room for drying the carpet.

Refill the Damaged Spot with New Carpet Fibres  

Once the carpet has dried, you will need to refill the damaged spot with new carpet fibres. Use the scissor to snip out replacement fibres from an inconspicuous area on your carpet –– perhaps from a spot under your furniture or from the sides against a wall. Try to take fibres from a few different spots, as too many from the same area will look obvious. Pour glue in the damaged spot and judiciously place the new fibres with a pair of tweezers. Once the area has been filled completely, let the carpet dry for a few hours before using it once again.

Carpet cleaning and repairs to remove cigarette burn marks is simple when you follow these steps.