Green Cleaning Products – Should You Make The Switch?

21 June 2018
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Whether you lead an incredibly busy life or just cannot be bothered with arduous chores, it is likely that you have a penchant for the latest leaning products that promise quick and easy cleaning. Although these cleaning supplies may seem like a godsend, the reality is the chemicals in these industrial strength options can prove detrimental to you and your environment. As more and more people are learning about green cleaning and the benefits it brings to their lifestyle, there has been a progressive switch. Read More 

The Future (and Present) of Mobile Rubbish Collection

1 February 2018
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It's interesting how once seemingly space age technology has become a part of daily life. Video calls are commonplace now, and yet once it was the stuff of Star Trek. You might have a robot vacuum cleaner, or even a robot lawn mower—technology that takes over your household tasks while you put your feet up. This type of robotic cleaning and maintenance will perhaps become even more widespread when the technology progresses to the point of the devices being able to empty themselves, dumping their dirt, dust, and grass straight into the rubbish bin. Read More 

How do I Clean Rubbish Chutes to Prevent Odour Build-up?

16 September 2016
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If you are a real estate manager that handles a large amount of apartment, building, and home cleaning and flipping projects, then you know the importance of removing rubbish quickly. This usually means hiring a skip bin as well as a rubbish chute for larger building projects. Using the garbage chutes can be fairly easy, but keeping them clean may be the issue. Here are some ways to ensure your rubbish chute stays clean and there is little to no odour build-up. Read More 

Three Reasons You Should Turn to a Mobile Wash and Fold Laundry Service During the Summer

29 June 2016
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If it is the midst of summer, you may want to think about outsourcing your laundry to a mobile wash and fold service. During all times of the year, these services take the boring task of laundry off your to-do list and handle it for you. However, during the summer, there are special advantages to turning to one of these services. Here's a look at the seasonal benefits: 1. Summer fun leads to stains, and a laundry service can take care of them. Read More 

Protect Your Carpet From Children With These Five Items

16 December 2015
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Children are adorable, but they can also be extremely messy. If your children are wearing out your carpet and you are tired of worrying about stains and spills, it's time to find a solution. Luckily, with the right supplies, you can easily protect your carpet from children. Here's what you need: 1. Playscapes rugs Children love to play on the floor, but that doesn't mean they need to play directly on your carpet. Read More