Commercial Cleaning Services | 3 Considerations For Hiring Professional Window Cleaners

15 September 2015
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Nothing makes an office look drabber than dirty and mud-laden windows, but this is bound to happen over time as heavy winds and rain descend over your office building. Naturally when you're running an entire office, you don't have the time to clean windows on your own. Hiring commercial cleaning services with a specialisation in window cleaning is the perfect solution –– you get good-looking windows and you don't waste your own precious office time. But you must consider some important factors before hiring professional window cleaners to ensure they do a thorough job.

Check the Process of Outdoor Window Cleaning

Commercial window cleaners may require climbing ladders or hanging on safety harnesses to clean hard-to-reach outdoor windows. Be sure to check what kind of method the window cleaners use to clean commercial windows with minimum danger. Some cleaning companies can also undertake the job using lightweight carbon fibre cleaning poles that can reach high windows. Understand the process of cleaning and hire a professional with adequate outdoor window cleaning experience to undertake the job safely. You certainly don't want the liability of unforeseen injuries on your office premises.

Document All your Cleaning Requirements

When hiring commercial cleaning services, it's easy to assume that they will do the job in the manner you desire. But that simply isn't the case. It's always best to document your cleaning requirements comprehensively, so that you're not disappointed or to avoid any confusion once the cleaning job is completed. For example, perhaps you want your blinds cleaned along with the windows, be sure to document this in your list of cleaning requirements. Similarly, if you want window screens cleaned, detail this necessity. Documenting your cleaning requirements helps to prevent any misunderstandings later.

Determine Whether You Want to Pay a One-Time Call Out Fee or Hourly Fees

Most commercial cleaning services start from $25 per hour and can go up to approximately $45 per hour for more complex cleaning services. If you're paying an hourly rate, ask the window cleaners how long they estimate your cleaning job to be, so that you have an approximate idea of the final cost. This can lead to complications, because some unscrupulous window cleaners may take longer than necessary to clean your windows, which will drive up the cost. Alternatively, you can ask for a one-time quote, which includes cleaning of all the windows in your office, along with any additional special requests you have made. This ensures that you end up paying only the agreed fee, whether the window cleaners take a few or several hours.

When choosing commercial cleaning services for your office windows, be sure to consider these factors for a hassle-free cleaning job.