Common Types of Office Cleaning Services

16 September 2015
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If you're the owner of a newly opened office or you are the office manager of that business, you may want to contract with a cleaning service on a weekly or monthly basis to keep your premises looking good. So to familiarise yourself with the different types of cleaning you can get, here are some of the more common services these companies offer.

Carpet Cleaning -- Office cleaners offer you two main types of carpet cleaning, steam cleaning and chem dry. Steam cleaning utilises a hot-water process in which the water is pressurised and mixed with a chemical solvent that is washed into your carpet to remove dirt, debris and bacteria that's ground deep into the fibres. The steam cleaner then suctions the water and dirt into a large tank for disposal. Steam cleaning is an effective cleaning method but it does leave your carpet wet for as many as two days, which may require you to order the service over a weekend so that your normal work process is not interrupted.

Chem dry utilizes an organic powder cleaning solution with very little water to scrub your carpet. Dirt, debris and pollen attach to the powder and are vacuumed up by a special machine. Chem dry is the ideal choice if you want to be able to use your carpet within one or two hours as it doesn't take long to dry. Office cleaners can also shampoo and clean all your fabric furniture as well as your curtains and drapes.

Window Cleaning -- A professional window cleaning isn't just wiping down your glass with a cleaning solution, it is also a process in which hard water deposits are removed from windows, grease and oil stains are dissolved and sealants are added to your glass to repel dirt, dust and stains.

Many office cleaning contractors use what are known as telescopic window cleaning poles that are extendable to make it easy to clean exterior windows on second and third-storey buildings. If your office is at a height, it's more economical for you to hire an office cleaner that uses these poles rather than scaffolds, because that will cost you more money. Office cleaners also give you the option of adding tinted film to your windows to reduce glare, light and ultraviolet rays and to cool down the interior of your office.

Floor Cleaning -- If your office has wood, tile, stone or linoleum floors, an office cleaning company can offer you polishing services that will leave the floor gleaming. With wood floors, you can choose a standard cleaning, which involves sweeping and wet mopping, or you can opt for buffing, in which a machine known as a floor buffer is run over your wood floors, polishing the top layer of the finish and removing scratches, scuff marks and blemishes. Buffing is a cost-effective alternative to a refinish, and it can leave your wood floors shiny and looking new.

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