Services Offered By An Office Strip Out Company

23 September 2015
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If you own a business and you are undertaking a complete remodel in which you are removing everything in that office for a total rebuild, you will need to contract with an office strip out company to do the job. Office strip out companies specialise in tearing down an office to bare bones so that a brand-new office can be built. Here are the services you can expect when you hire these professionals.

Office Deconstruction -- An office strip out company can offer you office deconstruction, in which their contractors will remove all floor coverings, remove your ceilings, get rid of any dividers or partitions, strip the entire electrical system, take out all lighting fixtures, remove all cables, take out all the ductwork in your walls or floors if you have a ducted cooling/heating system, and remove all gas furnaces, water heaters and boiler room equipment you may have at your workplace. Office strip out companies can also remove flooring such as wood floors, tile and porcelain in preparation for a new flooring surface installation. They will also work with certified electricians when removing the wiring in your office to prevent an electrical fire or any other kind of mishap that can occur when working with electrical systems.

Office Demolition -- In some instances, you may need an office strip out company to provide you with demolition services related to taking out concrete walls, concrete surfaces, kitchen benchtops and dividing walls in your office. Office demolition is typically accomplished with a manual process in which office strip out workers use jackhammers, sledgehammers and other manual tools for dismantling. If your office is in a warehouse, an office strip out company may bring in mechanical excavators, because there is typically more space for demolition work with heavy machines in larger office spaces.

Site Clearance -- An office strip out company can also offer you site clearance, which can be an a la carte service in which the company's workers will come to gather and load skip bins and other large waste containers and transport them to a recycling facility or to an approved waste dump. Site clearance assures you that your commercial waste is disposed of in an environmentally-safe and Council approved manner and it also lets you to get rid of any hazardous material without endangering any of your office workers.

Office Fitout -- In addition to stripping out your old office, an office strip out company can also offer you office fitout services, which includes installing new fixtures, moving furniture and appliances to their proper position, installing new ductwork for central air and heat and laying down new flooring. Office fitouts are the opposite of office strip outs, and by using the same company that stripped your office to do the fitout, you can save money since the work processes are all coordinated by one company.