Questions to Ask About an End of Lease Cleaning Service

29 October 2015
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End of lease cleaning can be needed when you move out of an apartment or an office space, in order to get back a cleaning deposit or ensure that the space is in good condition. You may also want to have this done if you manage apartments or other leased spaces, to ensure the unit is ready for new tenants or to be shown to prospective tenants.

An end of lease cleaning is often different than standard cleaning, as it may include more items to be cleaned and may require a deep cleaning of surfaces. Note a few questions to ask any potential contractor about end of lease cleaning so you know you hire the right company and get the space cleaned properly.

1. Ask if they'll review your lease before they come in to clean

Your lease may have some specifics as to what needs to be clean before you can get back your deposit, and your cleaning service should be willing to review these specifics before you sign a contract or have them visit. If your lease specifies the cleaning of the stove or a shampooing of the carpet, these are services you'll need to have done and any potential company should accommodate. However, if they're not willing to look at your lease and follow those specifics and instead just offer a general clean, they may not be the company for you.

2. Ask if they can handle rubbish removal

Don't assume that an end of leasing cleaning includes rubbish removal; you may need to have someone else pick up the trash from your home or office or do this yourself before you leave or after a tenant moves out. In some cases a cleaning service may handle rubbish removal for an extra charge. Whatever the case, be sure you talk to them before you make arrangements so you know if rubbish removal will get done and how much it would cost.

3. Note details of window cleaning

A cleaning service may say that they clean windows, but does this include taking out the screens and washing them and also cleaning blinds? Do they clean the windows inside and out, or just use glass cleaner on the inside of the windows? Because windows are often more complicated to clean than other areas of a home or office, be sure you note what's involved and how thoroughly they will clean them, otherwise the windows may still look dirty and dingy even after the cleaning service has left.