Simple Tips for Effective Carpet Steam Cleaning

9 November 2015
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There are diverse cleaning methods to consider in the maintenance of your residential carpeting. An ideal technique should remove the dirt materials without compromising the quality of the carpet fabric. One of the favoured methods in the modern industry is steam cleaning. Steam cleaning uses specialised equipment to deliver heated water into the carpet fibres in order to remove accumulated dirt. Additionally, the hot water application reduces the population of bacteria, mites and general allergens. You should engage a carpet cleaning company for efficient steam cleaning. However, you can also invest in a steam cleaner for home DIY carpet cleaning. Here are some basic tips to help you achieve the best steam cleaning results for your carpeting.

Removing Odours

The steam cleaning technique is popular because it extracts debris from the fibres without the use of chemical detergents. This promotes the health of the environment and mitigates the risk of exposure to hazardous chemicals. Unfortunately, the hot water is not ideal for eliminating odours from the carpet fabric. You can remove the stench associated with pest waste and smelly spills from liquids such as milk without the need for chemicals. Basically, you will need to dissolve some baking soda in a cup of water and pour on the areas with the odour. Allow this treatment to soak in before steam cleaning. You should also ensure that the carpet is completely dry to prevent the musty smell that results from dampness.

Cleaning Out Dirt and Stains

Modern carpets are designed for maximum stain resistance, but the fabrics cannot be completely stain-proof. Ideally, you should clean out staining liquids immediately to prevent setting. However, you can still remove most common stains easily during the steam cleaning process. You should dub some club soda on the carpet or some diluted white vinegar on the affected areas. This will loosen up the staining materials, and you can remove the stains completely with the cleaner. It is also prudent to vacuum the carpet before steam cleaning. This practice will allow removal of loose dirt and debris in the carpet fibres. Consequently, your steam cleaner will not have to work excessively for ideal cleanliness.

Test the Steam Cleaner

Residential carpet fibres are resilient and can withstand exposure to adverse conditions. However, you should be cautious before steam cleaning because some polymer materials are sensitive to heat. Contact your carpet manufacturer for cleaning recommendations, and test the steam cleaner on a concealed part of the fabric. In addition, test out homemade and commercial cleaners in the same way.

If you'd rather leave the job to the professionals, contact a local carpet cleaning company that offers carpet steam cleaning