Three Reasons You Should Turn to a Mobile Wash and Fold Laundry Service During the Summer

29 June 2016
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If it is the midst of summer, you may want to think about outsourcing your laundry to a mobile wash and fold service. During all times of the year, these services take the boring task of laundry off your to-do list and handle it for you. However, during the summer, there are special advantages to turning to one of these services.

Here's a look at the seasonal benefits:

1. Summer fun leads to stains, and a laundry service can take care of them.

Summer fun can lead to even more laundry stains than you encounter in the winter. Rather than staying inside as you may do during the winter months, you may tend to get out and play more in the summer. As a result, your clothes attract stains from grass, salty sea water and greasy carnival foods. In addition, the heat makes most people sweat more, potentially embedding your clothing with these stains as well.

Because of that, you may want to turn to a mobile wash and fold service so they can handle the stains for you. Note that if you have any especially stubborn stains, you may want to alert the service so they know to pre-treat them.

2. You may have more to do in the summer, and a mobile laundry service helps save time.

Getting stains isn't the only thing you do in the summer. Most people also tend to stay a bit busier. There may be parties on the beach, rock climbing and surfing adventures, parades, cricket games and other fun events to attend. With so much happening over the summer, it can help to outsource some of your daily tasks such as laundry.

Outsourcing extra tasks also makes it easier to deal with the children's summer holiday and preparing for the holidays such as Christmas, Hanukkah and New Years.

3. Running the washing machine and dryer can heat up your house, but a laundry service helps avoid the heat.

In addition to saving you time and helping you with clothing stains, a mobile wash and fold service helps you avoid using your own machines. Running the washing machine and the dryer during the summer can heat up your house, especially if you don't have adequate ventilation for your dryer. That means you either have to deal with the heat or run your air conditioner on a higher temperature to dissipate the heat. Alternatively, you can give your machines a rest and turn to a mobile wash and fold service.